Greyhounds; A misunderstanding.

Greyhounds are one of the most exploited breeds of dog in the world. They’re used as commodities and plagued by myths that’s threaten their opportunities to live as pets after racing resulting in millions being euthanised per year. It’s time to put these misconceptions to bed and set up a bed for one in your home. 

Myth: Greyhounds are hyperactive and need a lot of exercise. 

The Truth: Although known to be able to reach speeds of up to 70km/h, they really can’t sustain that for long. In fact, greyhounds have very low stamina and a quick brisk walk and play twice a day is all they require, preferring to hunt for the comfiest cushion in the house. 

But all you’ve seen are videos doing zoomies?

There’s a reason why those videos are never very long! In the animal industry greyhounds are affectionately known as one of the laziest breeds of dog and that hilarious display of joy by bowing and running in circles are often the craziest their days get and usually followed by a quick drink and a long nap. 

Myth: Greyhounds are dangerous which is why they wear muzzles. 

The Truth: This common misconception of greyhounds being dangerous dogs often just comes from people seeing them walking with a muzzle on and knowing they’re bred to chase. Muzzle laws are slowly being fazed out in many cities of Australia because people who know the breed are proving that their need to wear a muzzle when off the racetrack is an outdated law based on assumptions. 

Of course just like any other dog breed, each and every greyhound have their own personality and certainly some have been so heavily taunted and unsocialised by trainers they may never be able to live alongside other animals. But many ex-racing greys have gone on to live and love other dogs, cats and even rabbits! 

As a breed Greyhounds are naturally very sensitive and gentle dogs. So much so that thousands of them are discarded by the racing industry each year for not even chasing a lure. 

Myth: Greyhounds need lots of space and are outside dogs. 

Truth: Would you believe greyhounds are often referred to as one of the best apartment dogs and they still can’t shake this myth?

Greyhounds are incredibly laid back and low maintenance dogs. Not only do they not require much exercise every day,  they also don’t shed a whole lot and don’t have as much oil on their skin as other dogs meaning you won’t have a thick layer of fur over your furniture and they don’t get as smelly as many other dog breeds and don’t need to be bathed as often. 

Due to having such thin fur though, combined with having very little body fat, Greys are not suited to life as outside dogs, in spite of their size as they don’t have much to protect themselves from the elements, hot or cold. 

So this misconception is not only dangerous to greyhounds because it limits the number of people considering them when looking to get a furry family member in a smaller house, ending up in many missing out on a forever homes, but it’s also dangerous to greyhounds that do have homes and may be being left outside in the middle of summer or winter to brave the elements. 

Greyhounds are loving, loyal, and extremely affectionate dogs that want nothing more than to curl up on a couch and be a part of a family that loves them. 

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Tori - Greyhound manager