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    Founder and Head Honcho - Dog whisperer and manager of reminders

    Shannon was a model, turned conservationist, environmentalist and humanitarian from Queensland Australia. Shannon started her journey as The Hottes Rescue in 2017, specialising in the rescue of abandoned puppy litters and finding their forever homes. In 2019 she decided to take things a step further. After a re-brand into The Hottes Foundation, Shannon now has an incredible team and with their paths aligned, they have dedicated their lives to providing the world with the education, inspiration and motivation it needs to create a healthy and sustainable future.


    Co-founder and Director of happiness also flexing as an ecologist 

    From a very young age Abigail knew that her life would involve helping this planet and all who live on it. Her main passion is the conservation and preservation of the ocean and all of its inhabitants. After meeting Shannon and Kate in 2019 there was so doubt that joining the Hottes Foundation was the next step on her journey, bringing her knowledge and passion of the ocean and marine life to the organisation. Currently studying Maine biology Abigail is wanting to complete her masters degree. With all of this behind her she has already set out to bring her passion, knowledge and The Hottes Organisation to many places around the world, and has already got plans on where to go and what to do next.

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    Co-founder and Greyhound extraordinaire. Manager of getting straight to the point

    Tori learnt to rescue animals from a very young age when her grandpa used to bring home strays and injured wildlife. Her love turned to passion when she got her first ex-racing greyhound at the age of 12. After meeting Shannon in 2018 on a farm animal rescue mission and discussing her future plans to rescue and rehabilitate racing greyhounds, Shannon knew Tori would fit in perfectly with her vision for The Hottes Foundation. Currently Studying dog care, training and psychology, Tori has her sights set on one day helping expand The Hottes Foundation overseas to also rescue dogs being sold in the meat trade.

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    Super mum and wildlife extraordinaire 

    Rikki’s love of animals has always been apparent. One of her mothers favourite stories is about watching her sitting at the front door for hours one day, herding out the lines of ants so they didn’t make it to the kitchen to be killed by her dad. Her wildlife caring began after finding a Joey in the pouch of his dead mother while living in Western Australia. She ended up hand raising two joeys, and once she moved back to Queensland began volunteering with a local group rescuing everything from birds, to possums, roos, and even a koala. She does all of this while working part time, raising 3 children, 3 dogs and a cat!


    Manager of making sure everyone has their daily cuddles 

    A very important role indeed. Rescued at 3 days old with her litter of 5 in total - bottle fed and raised by Shannon. Our Huggy bear has become the snuggle heart of the Foundation.


    Happiness keeper and high pitched welcomer

    The matriach of the foundation.  Our little nugget has been foster mumma to 26 puppies. She has a heart of gold and smile that will melt even the toughest of people. Whinny has also been known to squeal loudly when you arrive home.

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